Taking Out The Trash

Gimble and Mirala spearhead an attack on Klarg's goblins.

The game begins with Gimble and Mirala distinctly remembering that Ailya had been present for all the events of the previous session. In fact, Ailya is with Gimble and Mirala at the workshop as Gimble confronts Gon.

Gon tells Gimble that he is happy to cease work on the workshop. They talk about the Summer King, and Gimble’s allegiances. Gimble agrees to allow Gon to continue to work on the workshop, but it is clear that Gon has made an enemy of Gimble.

Gimble, Mirala and Ailya decide to go after Klarg’s goblins, in accordance with the Summer King’s wishes. Ailya agrees to speak with the Viceroy to see if they can get some help to go after the goblins. They go to the Embergale Caliphate embassy, and the clerk Gilgak tells them without looking up that the Viceroy won’t be taking any visitors. Gilgak is very confrontational with Ailya when he sees who has arrived to speak with the Viceroy.

Ailya tells them that the Viceroy won’t help them take care of the goblins. It appears that the Viceroy is very unhappy with Ailya. While Ailya is speaking with the Viceroy, Gimble and Mirala talk privately. Mirala reveals to Gimble that she is drow, while acknowledging that Gimble already suspected as much. She also asks for his discretion. She also offers to help Gimble dispatch Gon if he so wishes. Mirala explains to Gimble that she is most concerned about the depredations of the Holy Blazetide Empire, and stopping them at any cost. She explains that she is a solitary drow in the Mistflow Isles, that she isn’t affiliated officially with the drow resistance in Skyloam, though she isn’t on hostile terms with them either. She talks about bringing Coiasira into her confidence as well, but asks Gimble to allow her to do that in her own time.

They go to the Jovial Fox to hire an adventurer to help them. They hire Chenosur, a villager who is a rather surly and combative half-elf. Gimble offers the half-elf 200 GP. Some haggling ensues, and Chenosur agrees to join him. Mirala regards Chenosur with obvious disdain, though he seems oblivious to the fact.

The four travel down the Queen’s Road to where they encountered the goblins previously. They find the location of the goblin cave. Gimble sends his familiar to look for the goblins. Gimble also tries a Silent Image to lure the goblins into the woods. It doesn’t work out as planned. They kill three of the goblins pretty much immediately, but one gets away and warns the others in the cave. Ailya is the first to get to the clearing in front of the cave entrance. She sees a dead goblin tied to a pole.

Gimble, Mirala and Chenosur move up to the edge of the clearing and see the dead goblin. They destroy the goblin and set up a perimeter alarm. They move into the woods, and Mirala keeps watch at the edge of the woods.

The group is set upon again by a horde of ten goblins, and Ailya and Chenosur are quickly dispatched by the goblins. Gimble manages to disengage with a timely use of his invisibility, and Mirala plays cat-and-mouse with the remaining goblins after dispatching the remaining goblin boss. Gimble valiantly rallies and uses his last spell to Thunderwave the group of goblins. The gambit succeeds, and the remaining goblins are killed.

Gimble and Mirala tend to Ailya and Chenosur, reviving them as best they can. They decide to tie the feet of the dead goblins, and retreat to a position away from the cave and the dead goblins. They move about a mille away from the caves, in a southerly direction. Chenosur decides to drink some water out of the stream and refill his canteen with the water. The others drink the water they carried with them. They rest for about an hour, planning to return to the location of the cave to see if there are other goblins about. Gimble’s alarm spell is still within range, so he is on his guard regarding incursions from the goblins.


RMiiller Siansonea

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