Archdruid of the Glun Woods


Gildire is fey in appearance, with matted green hair, soft amber eyes and wears glasses with copper rims. He wears hide armor and wields a quarterstaff. Gildire is thoughtful and practical. He has an animal companion, a giant toad named Cere.


Gildire is the Archdruid of the Glun Woods, a forest on the western edge of Aerrnswle that extends into western Taenry. The most notable feature of the Glun Woods in The Hollows, an ancient mystical crossroads of portals that Gildire is charged with the protection of.

Gildire has a young ward under his protection, Selia.

Gildire was poisoned by Veodoc and went into a coma during which his life force animated an army of shrubbery to attack Arrenswyle and his armor and staff to assassinate Veodoc. While in the coma his life force eventually killed Veodoc.

Gildire and Essat have a history, and he has made a vow never to attack or destroy Aerrnswyle. Gildire apparently killed Essat’s husband some 5-8 years ago.


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