Tag: Lead


  • Aethellyn

    Aethellyn was seem returning Aerrnswyle through the western gate late at night after the town was informed about the "heorics" of Veodoc. She was followed for a while by Mirala before stepping into a tree.

  • Colonel Uldhar

    Colonel in the Blazetide Empire, presumably human. Author of letters to Veodoc in which the Holy Blazetide Empire insured safe passage of Vedoc's wife, Fadreide, and children to Moondown. In exchange Veodoc was instructed poison the Archdruid Gildire with …

  • Fadreide

    Fadreide is the wife of Veodoc. She was captured by the Blazetide Empire as they swept through The Republic of Skyloam. She and their children were used by Colonel Uldhor of the Blazetide Empire to blackmail Veodoc into poisoning Gildire. She was …