A small hamlet on the road from Moondown, capitol of the Mistflow Principalities, to Regh, capitol of the western region, Taenry. It is the closest town to The Hollows, though it is still considered part of Saenry. Aerrnswyle has seen a recent surge in population since the beginning of the Night Terrors that have terrorized Moondown, and is now home to many of the foreign diplomatic missions to the Mistflow Principalities.

The Queen’s Road runs through the town from east to west, entering through Aerrnswyle’s only two town gates. The gates are not manned and are never closed, serving little purpose since the most of the wall has long since fallen into disrepair. Many gaps have been made in the southern ward of Aernnswyle, leading to the abundant adjacent farms to the south. The wall is nearly non-existent in the northern slums of town, having been scavenged to build make-shift hovels.

To the North of Aernnswyle is the feared and mysterious Hidden Way. The wilds are rumored to be the home of a powerful True Fae, as well as many other lesser fae such as faerie dragons, brownies and the like. Many children have disappeared from the slums of Aernnswyle, believed taken into into the brambles and overgrowth, never to be seen again.

The Glun Woods lies to west of the Aeernswyle, a half day’s trek into the neighboring region of Taenry. The Queen’s Road skirts the northern edge of the woods as it travels northwest leaving Aerrnswyle on its way to Regh. The Woods is a more typical forest of Mistwell, abundant with game and less plagued by the dangers that threaten common folk. It is protected by the Archdruid Gildire, a powerful and ancient warden of the land. A warren of goblins is rumored to have taken root in the Woods.


Nagnus, male Mountain Dwarf smithy.

Brixa, female Tallfellow Halfling innkeeper of The Jovial Fox.

Baroness Rheni, female Stout Halfling diplomat from Windcrest Provinces.

Tolben Stonehill, Male Hill Dwarf innkeeper of the Stonehill Inn.

Chancellor Bosin, male Mountain Dwarf diplomat from the Kingdom of Stonestill.

Chancellor Fisil, female Hill Dwarf diplomat from the Commonwealth of Mireswell.

Lorde Mayor Collyn, male Forest Gnome mayor of Aerrnswyle.

Aethellyn, Female Dryad aide de camp to Lorde Mayor Collyn.

Veodoc, male Wood Elf guide and scout, deceased.

Guildmaster Midd, female Rock Gnome, toymaker and head of the Craftsman Guild.

Consul Isalinde, female High Elf, head of the Skyloam Consulate in Aernnswyle.

Perandor Kadvast, male Dragonborn diplomat from the Ashtremor Consortium.

Virtis Urtdak, female Dragonborn banker from the Urtdak family.

Viceroy Anshamman Dal, female Tiefling diplomat from the Embergale Caliphate.

Duchess Conia, female Pixie, represents the Fey Court in dealings with the other nations.

Sherif Cuna, female Forest Gnome Fighter, head constable of Aerrnswyle’s watch.

Priestess Essat Galendra, female Wood Elf Cleric, head priest of the Silver Nettle Chapel of the Gods of the Old Faith.


The Jovial Fox

This inn is a large two-storey timber framed building, with carved wooden doors and finely-crafted tables and chairs. Accommodations consist of several large rooms with beds and woolen mattresses. An attached three-storey tower suite is reserved for noble patrons.

The Silver Nettle Chapel

A grand circular sanctuary crafted from 30’ whole timbers of silvery grey ash trees. It rises over much of Aerrnswyle with aeries housing cozy cells for the attendants of the church. Interlaced amongst its timbers, the Chapel has ancient stained glass that filters light throughout the day, casting greenish hues that gives one the impression of discovering a virgin forest glade in the light of full moon, regardless of the time of day outside.

Stonehill Inn

A modest signle-story inn built of fieldstone and rough-hewn timbers lies just inside the eastern gate, it is a no frills inn for commoners and tradesman traveling the Queen’s Road to Moondown. The common room is ran efficiently by its Dwarven Innkeep always with an eye on the profits and to keep mayhem to minimum.

The Sleeping Shrew

This flop-house is a single storey wooden building, with a poorly-thatched roof and a floor covered in straw. A motley collection of luck charms and talismans hangs from the ceiling. Accommodations consist of several hammocks in the common room.

Sicarul Hall

This modest hall, built of grey marble and set on the side of a hill. It is the town hall and manor of his Honor, Lorde Mayor Collyn. It is approached by a narrow paved road overgrown with moss. The entry plaza contains a large fountain. The most notable feature is the central staircase of red marble and and the receiving hall is lined with mirrors.

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