Mistflow Principalities


The Mistflow Principalities is a diverse nation off the northwest coast of the Continent, with the ruling dukes, princes, viziers and other nobility composed mostly of fey creatures such as gnomes, satyrs, dryads, pixies and the like. Elves of all sorts are also common in the Mistflow Isles, and some are even nobles. Humans have played a large role in the history of Mistflow, having from ancient times been the sole race from which the Knights of the Court are selected. Halflings likewise have had long-standing trade relations with the Mistflow Principalities and have several conclaves in Moondown as well as along the coast. Both high elves and halflings have seen their populations swell in recent years as refugees form the Continent have escaped to Mistflow from the advancing Armies of Man.

The Principalities utilize a unique system of monarchy, with the throne alternating periodically between the Winter King or Queen and the Summer King or Queen. The current Monarch is Linnyn, the Winter Queen, a cold and traditional eladrin. Her counterpart is Daerraent, the Summer King, a bold and brash rock gnome.


Aethon is the main Isle of the Mistflow Principalities, it is broken up into three semiautonomous regions. The main region, the seat of power of the Principalities and its most populous, is Saenry. It is located in the central, eastern, and southern reaches of the Aethon. It’s capitol is Moondown, the largest city in the known world. Saenry is a lush land of rivers and streams, dotted with hamlets, villages and towns, full of wonder and intrigue. Though all fey are prevalent in the region, it is the primary home of eladrin, pixies, sprites and brownies.

Dullyn is the northern region of Aethon. It is a rocky, craggy land full of standing stones, lichen, misty vales of hard fought farming. rock gnome, goblins and sylphs call the land their own. The Summer King’s private residence is Maellyn, the capitol of Dullyn.

Taenry is the western province of Aethon. This land of wild untamed forests and enchanted glades is inhabited by forest gnomes, dryads and satyrs. Its capitol is Regh and the mythical crossroads of the world, an ancient glade known as The Hollows, is buried deep within its forest. Aerrnswyle, a small but strategically located hamlet between Moondown and Regh, is located in Taenry.


The western, smaller isle of the Mistflow Principalities, Aethimyr is in some ways tamer, and yet all the more wild than Aethon. It is comprised of two regions. The smaller northern region is little more than colony of human and half-elf descendants of the Knights of the Court. Coasts of rocky cliffs and fertile hills of stone fenced farmland surround the capitol city of Blan, and the influence of the Humans reaches little beyond.

The southern region, Loer, is a land of towering forests, rolling vales of woodlands and hidden ports. The wood elves call this land their own, and they live in harmonious stewardship of its untamed beauty. While some common fey can be found in this corner of the Isles, Aethimyr serves as home to every imaginable variety and unique dream span of the fey. None save the Elves Of The Lost dare tread through this land and fewer still have seen its capitol, the legendary Leodry.

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Mistflow Principalities

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