Races of the Mistflow Isles

The most diverse nation is the Mistflow Principalities, with the ruling Summer King/Queen, Winter King/Queen, duke, princes, viziers and other nobility being comprised mostly of fey creatures such as gnomes, satyrs, dryads, pixies and the like. Examples of gnome characters include Gimble Timbers, King Daerraent, Lorde Mayor Collyn, Sherif Cuna, Guildmaster Midd, and Gon O’Blanry. Aethellyn is an example of a dryad character. Duchess Conia is an example of a pixie character.

Elves of all sorts are also common in the Mistflow Isles, and some are even nobles. On the Continent, the Republic of Skyloam has a high percentage of elven citizens. Examples of elven characters are Coiasira Heru, Essat Galendra, Veodoc and Consul Isalinde. Mirala Valyrya is publicly known as a high-elf character, but is actually a drow in disguise.

Humans have played a large role in the history of Mistflow, being the sole race from which the Knights of the Court are selected since ancient times. On the Continent, the Holy Blazetide Empire has a high percentage of humans among its population. Examples of human characters include Machairiá, Holy Emperor Isbis and Colonel Uldhar.

Halflings likewise have had long-standing trade relations with Mistflow, and have several conclaves in Moondown as well as along the coast. Both high elves and halflings have seen their populations swell in recent years as refugees form the continent have escaped to Mistflow from the advancing Armies of Man. Many halfling refugees hail from the Windcrest Provinces, just across the channel from Aethon. Examples of halfling characters include Brixa and Gontray.

Dwarves are rare, but not surprising to see. There usually are a few in most medium size hamlets, often craftsmen competing with the Tinker gnomes. On the Continent, the Kingdom of Mireswell is a dwarf nation currently under the control of the Holy Blazetide Empire. Nagnus is an example of a dwarf character.

The dragonborn of the Ashtremor Consortium have a well-established commercial sector in Moondown, but are very rare outside the capital. Virtis Urtdak is an example of a dragonborn character.

Half-orcs are nearly non-existent in Mistflow as they are allied with the Blazetide Empire, the nation of humans, currently engulfing the continent in war. The Fathomlight Papility, a peninsula nation on the northern coast of the Middle Sea, has a high proportion of half-orcs among its citizens.

Half-elves come from a number of varied backgrounds. The most common Half-elves are from High Elf ancestry, born on the continent where the Republic of Skyloam and the Blazetide Empire bordered for centuries before they joined the Armies of Man and betrayed the High Elves. These Half-elves now form the backbone of the occupied government of the former Skyloam Republic with a few High Elf collaborators. The other major branch of Half-elves come from Aethimyr, the western isle of the Mistflow Isles, where descendants of the Knights of the Court have intermarried with the Wood Elves of the western isle. Unfortunately, while there are subtle physical difference between these two branches, they are often mistaken for each other. The half-elves of the western isle subsequently face suspicion by both the fey of the Mistflow and the high elf refugees form the continent. Examples of half-elf characters include Vasheren “Vash” Lostleaf and Speaker Isemir.

While the existence of the drow is not widely known on the continent, they form a strong contingent of the fey of Mistflow and their tunnels, warrens and conclaves run deep into the continent. They form the majority of the resistance to the Blazetide Empire’s occupation of Skyloam, and have the only effective front against the Empire, using the Underdark to harry and harass the armies of Man. Only the long time enmity between the drow and the Stonestill Kingdom has prevented a more cooperative resistance by halflings, elves, fey, and dwarves against the Blazetide Empire. Mirala Valyrya is an example of a drow character, though she takes great care to disguise herself as a high elf.

Tieflings are the most rare, coming from a land far away, across the continent and the Middle Sea. While their Caliphate of Embergale is locked in war with the half-orcs for supremacy of the Middle Sea, they remain potential allies whose distance keeps them from an active presence thus far. The Caliphate does have a small diplomatic mission in Aerrnswyle. Examples of tiefling characters include Ailya and Viceroy Anshamman Dal

Races of the Mistflow Isles

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