The Hollows


An ancient glade of towering oaks, this mystical crossroads in a place of wonder and powerful magics. Each oak has nestled within a deep hollow, a magical portal to a faraway land. The Hollows is located on the eastern edge of Taenry in the The Mistflow Principalities. It lies not far from the road that connects Moondown and Regh, the capital of Taenry.

The Hollows was frequently travelled before the War serving as a a vital method of travel between the realms. With the advent of war, some portals have been sealed, making travel to their realms impossible. The hollows which led to Lakjun, capital of the Holy Blazetide Empire, Licyn, capital of the Skyloam Republic, Mastram, capital city of the the Kingdom of Mireswell, and Vohm capital of the Fathomlight Papality are among the currently sealed portals.

The Hollows is under the protection of the mighty Archdruid Gildire.

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The Hollows

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