The Kingdom of Mireswell


Lying to the east of the Holy Blazetide Empire and north of the Standstill Mountains is a land of constant flooding and swamps, mangrove hills and the only people stubborn enough to tame this land into usable farmlands. The Hill Dwarves of the Mireswell Kingdom broke away from their Mountain kin some a millennia ago, and have slowly carved roads, forged hamlets, lifted great plateaus of arable land and worked their will upon the great great Mireswell swamp. Its capitol city Mastram is the former set of power of the deposed and imprisoned Queen Galaine XII.

Some 3 years ago the Armies of Man began their lightning assault upon the Hill Dwarves of the Kingdom of Mireswell. Though stubborn and dogged in their resistance, they have proven no match for the Holy Blazetide Empire and all that remains of the once Kingdom is pockets of guerrilla resistance buried deep within the swamps.

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The Kingdom of Mireswell

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