The People of Mistflow

The Heroes of Aernnswyle

Coiasira Heru — High elf, a folk hero of local repute
Mirala Valyrya — High elf, a mysterious woman
Gimble Timbers — Gnome scholar and tinkerer
Ailya — Tiefling warrior
Machairiá — Human warrior from Aethimyr
Vasheren Lostleaf — Half-elf traveler and entertainer

Aernnswyle, (Taenry, Aethon, Mistflow Principalities) and Vicinity

Lord Mayor Collyn — Gnome, Mayor of Aernnswyle
Sherriff Cuna — Forest gnome, Sherriff of Aernnswyle
Priestess Essat Galendra — Wood elf, priestess of Silvanus
Gildire — Archdruid of The Hollows.
Aethellyn — Dryad aide-de-camp of Lord Mayor Collyn.
Brixa — Halfling innkeeper
Viceroy Anshamman Dal — Tiefling diplomat
Consul Isalinde — High elf diplomat.
Gontray — Juvenile halfling street urchin.
Guildmaster Midd — Gnome toymaker and guild master.
Nagnus — Dwarf blacksmith.
Virtis Urtdak — Dragonborn banker.
Veodoc — Drunken forest guide, deceased.

Moondown, (Saenry, Aethon, Mistflow Principalities) and Vicinity

Daerraent — The Summer King. Rock gnome from Dullyn.
Linnyn — The Winter Queen. Eladrin, cold-radiant.
Duchess Conia — Pixie noble.

Holy Blazetide Empire

Holy Emperor Isbis — Holy Emperor and Head of the Church of the Enlightened Pantheon.
Colonel Uldhar — An officer in the Blazetide legions, he blackmailed Veodoc to poison Gildire.

Republic of Skyloam (occupied)

The People of Mistflow

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