The Republic of Skyloam


The Republic of Skyloam is an occupied land, conquered some nine months ago by the overwhelming onslaught of the Armies of Man. Unlike the other nations conquered by the Holy Blazetide Empire, the Republic remains as a puppet regime. Run by Half-elf and a few elven collaborators, the Republic remains firmly under the control of Empire.


Metropolitan region surrounding the Licyn, the capital city of Skyloam.


The meandering Addren river cuts this region to and fro as it makes its way north to the coast. The river has exposed ancient granite in the mainland and glistening beaches on the coast. Cliffs of granite and limestone flank the edges of the region. The landscape cut by the rolling vales left behind by the centuries long path of the Addren make this land difficult to traverse. It had been rarely invaded and never conquered until the unstoppable Armies of Man swept through.

Tabyrn’s capital is Merraent, but its cultural life was centered in Liran, home to the Cathedral of the Long Hand, Skyloam’s tallest cathedral. As a center of the worship of Lugh, Liran was a center of travel and trade serving as port and rest for the many travelers between the Mistflow Principalities, the Windcrest Provinces, the Blazetide Empire and the Republic. Liran was mostly razed by the conquering Armies of Man, but what few escaped the destruction say a lone elf cleric stood alone against the onslaught giving them the time to flee.


This region of the Republic borders on both the Windcrest Provinces and the Holy Blazetide Empire. It is a land of rolling hillsides and ample farmland. Vaeddyn’s capital and most important city is Coddyn. Historically it has fallen under the control of the Republic and the Blazetide Empire, and has been the battleground between the two when they have been at war. Vaeddyn is split culturally and racially as well, being comprised of Elves, Humans and their Half-Elf descendants.

For the last two centuries Vaeddyn has been ruled by the High Elves of the Republic of Skyloam and its Human and Half-Elf populations have become disenfranchised, becoming second class citizens with few rights. The advancing Armies of Man were welcomed with open arms by much of the region, and the ruling High Elves were rounded up and handed over to the Empire as criminals. The dissident Half-Elf leader, Nydean of Coddyn, having effectively delivered the region into the Holy Blazetide Empire without bloodshed, was rewarded by being made the Speaker of the new Republic of Skyloam.


A southern Region of Skyloam, it is a landscape of rugged foothills at the doorstep of the great Ashtremor Reaches. It has little industry and few farrmlands and is dominated politically and culturally by its capital city, Addradry, a bustling metropolis and financial center of the Republic.

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The Republic of Skyloam

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