Lost and Found

December 13, 2014 Game Session

Characters present: Coiasira Heru, Mirala Valyrya, and Ailya. Max/Gimble is unable to attend

Coiasira, Ailya and Mirala talk to the young boy, Lirra. He tells them that there were two other children captured with him. Coiasira and Ailya are easily persuaded to look for the missing children, and Mirala does not object. Mirala is busy stabbing the corpse of the faerie dragon while Ailya and Coiasira talk to Lirra, and the boy is quite disconcerted by Mirala in general.

They follow the tracks of the sled that the boy had been dragged in on. They notice that the signs of the passage of the cart are slowly “healing” and becoming harder to locate.

Suddenly, sprites attack them. There is some confusion at first, as Coiasira knows sprites to generally be peaceful, good creatures, but they make it clear that they don’t want the party to rescue Lirra, and they attack. All but one of the sprites is killed, as the last one disappears, it says “the Keeper won’t be happy!”. Searching the bodies of the sprites, they find tiny pendants that gleam with magical energy. Coiasira puts the pendants in his belt pouch.

They continue searching for the other two kids, but they are attacked again by an ogre and three sprites, one of whom was the one who had previously escaped. They kill the ogre and one of the sprites, then pick up the trail again, finding the area that Lirra tells them is the place where he and the other children had been held. They fight two wicker constructs. They locate the two missing children, and Mirala cuts their bonds. They locate a cache of coins scattered around the hovel, of all sorts from all different locales, even some that of unknown origin. They also find a set of fine studded leather armor, that appears to have magical properties, a set of magical gloves, and Mirala quickly dons them. They also find a cold iron sword that Ailya takes possession of.

As Coiasira and Mirala are trancing (Ailya is sleeping), they are approached by a pixie, who gives her name as Rivergleam. She has the same pendant as the sprites. She tells them that The Keeper of Innocents will allow them to leave unmolested if they leave the children. They refuse, and Rivergleam vanishes. They decide to leave the area immediately.

They can tell by the stars that they’re able to make their way south to the edge of the Hidden Way. Soon they hear the sound of something crashing through the brambles. There are two separate sounds of pursuit. Coiasira hides the children very well before they turn and fight. Two sprites appear and attack. A pitched battle ensues. Coiasira is poisoned and loses consciousness. Eventually both Coiasira and Ailya are rendered unconscious, and Mirala makes a Fey Oath with Rivergleam on behalf of the Keeper to leave without the children. The surviving ogre stops attacking Mirala at the command of the pixie, and starts looking for the children with the pixie’s help. Mirala extricates herself from the Entangle spell that the pixie had trapped her with. The ogre and the pixie locate the children and leave the area, after the pixie creates a path for Mirala and her companions to follow, keeping her promise to let them leave the Hidden Way. Mirala immediately wakes Ailya, who chases after the ogre and the pixie. After a moment, as Mirala rouses him, Coiasira wakes and heads into the brambles after the ogre. Mirala promises to follow, but is prevented from aiding Coiasira by the Fey Oath. Ailya is turned into a toad by Rivergleam, which seems to exhaust her magic. Coiasira manages to defeat the ogre after a fierce confrontation, during which the children are released by the ogre so it can turn and face Coiasira. The children quickly run down the path the pixie had created. As they run past Mirala, she is able to return to help Coiasira, but he has already dispatched the ogre. The pixie warns them that the Keeper will have its revenge, and disappears.

Coiasira and Mirala run across a toad, that appears to be acting oddly. They determine that the toad might be Ailya, and that she has been affected by the pixie, so Coiasira opens his pouch and Ailya hops in. They then catch up to the children, and follow the path to the edge of Aernnswyle, safely leaving the area.

After returning Lirra and the other two children to their parents, they return to the Silver Nettle Chapel. They are informed by Priestess Essat that the corpse in her care did reanimate, and had to be destroyed. Coiasira is very concerned by this development. They are all exhausted, so they decide to get some rest.

In the morning, Ailya decides to take a walk in town. A very attractive half-elf bumps into Ailya. She gives Ailya a message for Gimble Timbers, stating that the Redcaps will not be plagueing Gimble’s construction project, that they have “reached agreement”. She then takes her leave of Ailya, who tries to follow, but the half-elf uses her skills to elude the paladin’s pursuit.

Coiasira rouses from his trance. Mirala joins him, and informs him that she is still fatigued from the previous day. They go and talk to Priestess Essat, who detects Oath Magic upon Mirala. Mirala proclaims no knowledge of what occurred, and Priestess Essat seems to accept her story. Mirala decides to rest for the day.

Coiasira goes to have a meal at the Jovial Fox. He regales the crowd with the tales of bravery on behalf of his companions. Ailya soon joins him. They hear local folk criticizing the Winter Queen, citing her lack of action with regards to the Holy Blazetide Empire and the Armies of Man. They decide to return to the chapel and check in on Mirala and Gimble.


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