The story so far...

Mayhem in Aernnswyle — September 6, 2014 Session

(Characters present: Coiasira Heru, Gimble Timbers, Mirala Valyrya, Ailya)

The game begins in Aernnswyle, a hamlet in the Taenry region of Aethon Isle, the eastern isle of the Mistflow Principalities. One evening, shrubbery attacks the hamlet, and Gimble Timbers and Coiasira Heru are injured. Ailya observes the events. Ailya bargains with the Gimble, and agrees to rescue his shop from the attacking tumbleweeds. This does not go well, and the shop is damaged and Ailya is injured in the attempt to save the shop. Mirala Valyrya watches much of the goings-on from the rooftops, and pulls Gimble and the unconscious Coiasira to safety. Ailya manages to escape the wrecked shop on her own. The game ends with Mirala, Gimble and unconscious Coiasira within the barricades adjacent to the Silver Nettle Chapel, and Ailya behind Gimble’s shop, “cursing the darkness”.

Finding Veodoc — September 27, 2014 Session

(Characters present: Coiasira Heru, Gimble Timbers, Mirala Valyrya, Ailya)

Mirala, Gimble and Coiasira are in front of the Silver Nettle Chapel. Priestess Essat Galendra attends to Coiasira’s wounds, after Mirala and Gimble call attention to his plight. Priestess Essat is a cleric of Silvanus.

Gimble’s shop is destroyed as the shrubbery attack continues. Priestess Essat urges Coiasira, Gimble and Mirala to enter the Silver Nettle Chapel.

Guildmaster Midd, Sherriff Cuna, Viceroy Ashammon Dal and tiefling attendants of the Viceroy are all present at the chapel. Sherriff Cuna and the Viceroy argue over whether to bring in the Lorde Mayor Collyn. Priestess Essat and the others present ask the group to go into the woods and investigate the source of the attack. Essat urges them to include Veodoc, an elf guide.

Ailya rejoins the group, which causes friction between herself and Gimble. The Viceroy commands Ailya to aid the trio, which she reluctantly agrees to do.

The villagers, armed with torches, clears a path to the Jovial Fox Tavern, where Veodoc is thought to be “resting”. After a heated exchange, and efforts to possibly knock in the door, the group manages to talk their way into the tavern. Veodoc is inside, but unconscious. As they are trying to wake Veodoc, a portal opens and a creature engages the group in combat. Mirala awakens Veodoc, but he is hopelessly inebriated.

They set off the next day. In the woods, they find goblins, and the familiar of the Archdruid Gildire, a giant frog. Among the items scavenged from the enemies are nine special berries and two scrolls

The Betrayal of Gildire —October 25, 2014 Session

(Chris/Ailya not present. Characters present: Coiasira Heru, Gimble Timbers, Mirala Valyrya)

In the woods, the group does battle against funguses. The group is now actively looking for the Archdruid Gildire. Veodoc has shared information about Gildire with the group.

They find an apparently unconscious Gildire in a clearing. He isn’t dead, but as Gimble searches the body, a tree comes out of the forest and attacks. Veodoc is killed by the tree. Gimble quickly deduces that Veodoc was responsible for Gildire’s current state, and that Gildire somehow possessed the tree to do battle against Veodoc. Gimble and Coiasira tend to Gildire as he fights off the poison, but can’t get too close without rousing the tree.

They find a bundle of letters on Veodoc’s corpse. The letters are written in a brutal handwriting, in Common, and are signed Colonel Uldhar, probably of the Holy Blazetide Empire. The first letter tells Veodoc that his wife, Fadreide, has been captured in Skyloam, as well as his children. If he wishes to see them alive, he will do as they say. The second letter tells Veodoc that he is to subdue the Archdruid of the Hollows with a poison provided. The third letter is a response to “his concerns” and posits that Veodoc will be hearing from his wife. There is a fourth letter written in Sylvan, telling Veodoc that she and the children had arrived in Moondown.

Soon the shrubs return to the clearing around Gildire, and reroot themselves. It is now evident that Gildire had sent the shrubs to attack Veodoc, and with the elf guide dead, they returned from whence they came.

Coiasira and Mirala go rabbit hunting and find tracks. Gimble hears Gildire cough and awake a bit. Gildire’s breathing becomes more normal, but not quite perfectly normal. Gimble sends his owl out to beckon Coiasira and Mirala, who return at once. They discuss Gildire’s condition and decide how to proceed.

Coiasira and Gimble return to the prints. They later learn that the prints belong to Selia, a ward of Gildire, and possibly the daughter of Priestess Essat Galendra and Gildire.

Gildire tells them that the Holy Blazetide Empire is probably trying to gain control of the Hollows for strategic reasons, as a staging area to attack the Mistflow Principalities from within. He bestows blessings upon them, the blessings of the forest, as a reward for their aid. The next morning, an ambulatory bush guides them back toward Aernnswyle. Since their guide was now dead, they needed some means of finding their way back.

As they near the outskirts of Aernnswyle, they overhear goblins talking. The goblins express regret that the shrubs had stopped attacking the town. They don’t attack the goblins, they continue toward the town.

Once they arrive back in Aernnswyle, they forestall any discussion with the villagers by proclaiming that Gimble is severly injured and needs immediate attention from Priestess Essat. They speak with Essat at the chapel, and together they all decide to create a fictional story about what happened. Veodoc and Gildire’s whereabouts are to be hidden, and the fate of each is not to be discussed.

New Friends and New Enemies — November 8, 2014 Session

(First gaming session with Jillian and Andy’s characters, Chris/Ailya is not present.)

The game begins with the group discussing how to manage the story. Coiasira is to be the “face” of the heroic conquest of the shrubbery, further cementing his status as a folk hero in the region. Mirala’s contributions to the effort are to be downplayed or omitted altogether.

Machairiá, a human barbarian from Aethimyr, presumably from Northern Aethimyr, arrives in town. Vasheren Lostleaf also arrives in Aerrnswyle at the same time. When they arrive, they see Priestess Essat Galendra, Coiasira Heru, Gimble Timbers and Mirala Valyrya coming out of the chapel. Essat announces that Gimble’s “injury” has been healed. Coiasira addresses the crowd. He convinces the crowd that the attack had been orchestrated by giant frogs, and that Veodoc is away on another mission. Lord Mayor Collyn agrees to give them 500 gold pieces as a reward for saving the town, his dryad companion Aethellyn hands Coiasira the gold, which is immediately grabbed by Gimble.

Gimble spots the two newcomers in town, Machairiá and Vasheren. Gimble hires Machairiá as his personal bodyguard. Gimble also hires Vasheren to help them investigate the situation. Vasheren and Coiasira go into the Jovial Fox to see what they can glean from the locals. Mirala goes off to watch the East Gate, and notices a dryad coming out of a tree, it is the mayor’s companion, Aethellyn. Mirala tries to follow her, but loses the trail. Gimble and Machairiá go off to watch the West Gate. Gimble is approached by a gnome messenger, and is given a message. Gimble also notices Sheriff Cuna. He asks about the people who are working on rebuilding his workshop. During the discussion, Machairiá and Sheriff Cuna have a misunderstanding, and Machairiá attacks the Sheriff. The Sheriff quickly renders the human unconscious, much to her later chagrin.

After the scuffle between Machairiá and the sherriff, the group reconvenes. Mirala takes Coiasira aside and tells him about Aethellyn. Vasheren helps revive the unconscious Machairiá. They all return to the chapel.

At the chapel, Coiasira hears a noise down below. He wakes Vasheren and Mirala, who both sneak down to the basement to find out what caused the noise. Mirala sees four undead in the basement. She goes up to wake Priestess Essat, while Coiasira and Vasheren deal with the zombies. Mirala and Essat join the fray. The zombies are easily dispatched, but they keep reanimating. Eventually they are defeated.They discuss the likelihood that other deceased persons may have spontaneously reanimated, and Essat tells them to check the home of a villager whose loved one’s corpse was still at their residence.

They go to the residence, and find another undead. The undead had killed the relative before the party arrived. Sheriff Cuna and Essat arrive to take control of the scene after the group defeats the zombie, and the group return to their sleeping places at the chapel.

The next day, they discuss what to do next. Gimble had been given a note, tasking him with clearing out goblins on behalf of the Summer King. The goblins are purported to be criminals, and need to be put down to set an example.They head out looking for the goblins. They find their camp, and Mirala and Vasheren dispatch a couple of goblin guards. They take a goblin captive, and start to question him.

Questions and More Questions — November 29, 2014

(Jillian and Andy unable to attend. Characters present: Coiasira Heru, Mirala Valyrya, Gimble Timbers, Ailya)

The group speaks with Sommill, the captured goblin. Sommill claims that Klarg, their leader, liberated them from slavery in Dullyn, where the Summer King had them building war machines. They try to parley with the bugbear leader of the goblins, Klarg, in his cave. It doesn’t go well. They decide to return to town and formulate a strategy for dealing with the goblins. Coiasira especially wants to discover whether the allegations that the Summer King was enslaving goblins is true.

When the group returns to town, Gimble’s worshop foreman Gon O’Blanry tells him that a local thieves’ group is shaking them down for “permit money”. As Gon is talking to Gimble, a group of half-elves approach and start to threaten Gimble directly. The man gives his name as Ardiss. He postures quite a bit, until Mirala takes a shot at him from cover, doing grievous damage. Combat ensues, and one thug gets away, while another one is captured. The groups gnome scout almost eludes Mirala, but she manages to kill him in one shot. Mirala finds 30 gold pieces, a set of thieves’ tools, 18 crossbow bolts, a hand crossbow bolt, and a key on the scout’s corpse. She does not inform her comrades of the items she has discovered. 

Sheriff Cuna arrives within moments, and talks with them about the incident. She commends them for taking out Ardiss and his goons. She tells them that they were affiliated with the Redcaps, a renegade group of criminals.

Gimble and Ailya go to investigate the Redcaps, first talking with Brixa, the halfling barmistress of the Jovial Fox. Brixa tells Gimble and Ailya that they should talk to Guildmaster Midd about the Redcap incursion. Gimble and Ailya return to the chapel and speak with Coiasira and Mirala, letting them know what they learned from Brixa. 

Essat informs them that bodies have not reanimated again. She also tells them that she gave instruction to the townspeople to bring bodies of deceased persons to the chapel. As she’s telling them that, townspeople bring in the bodies of the gnome and two half-elves that were killed by the party earlier. 

Gimble and Mirala each realize that Ailya had disappeared for some time during the events of the last few days. Coiasira and the other townspeople don’t seem to have noticed Ailya’s absence, and Ailya herself doesn’t seem to have any recollection of being away. She does seem to have memories of events that Gimble and Mirala know she was not present to witness, and they are gravely concerned. They also talk to Essat about it, but she has never heard of such a thing.

They retire for the evening. Mirala is visited by someone from her past, though the others are unaware of the meeting. 

The next day, Coiasira and Ailya go to the toy shop to talk with Guildmaster Midd. She doesn’t know much about the Redcaps. Coiasira buys an extravagant toy, and gives it to a young boy named Gontry.

Mirala takes Gimble aside and asks him to explore the possibility of fey in the forest who create hallucinations. She is convinced the creature may be responsible for the situation with Ailya. She also tells him that they should take care of Klarg sooner rather than later.
After Coiasira and Ailya return from speaking with Guildmaster Midd, Essat takes Coiasira aside and tells him that there’s a young gnome boy named Lirra missing from the town. 
Coiasira enlists the help of Ailya, Gimble, and Mirala to help locate the missing boy. They all agree to help. Coiasira and Ailya determine that there is a magical effect associated with the disappearance. They speak with the young orphan boy Gontry, and head into the forest. Mirala is disturbed by the effects of the forest, and climbs a tree. She spies a large creature coming their way, and alerts the others. They all hide, as the sound of hunting dogs come closer, and an ogre crashes through the woods.  

The group fights the ogre, which turns out to be an illusion projected by a fey creature. One of the dogs is killed by Mirala, while the fey tries to induce Ailya to attack her companions Coiasira and Gimble. Gimble kills another of the three dogs. Ailya attacks Gimble, but misses. Mirala casts Faerie Fire and exposes a small dragon, obviously the source of the illusion. Ailya manages to take down Gimble, but Coiasira revives him. Gimble finally takes down the small dragon. As the smoke clears, Ailya is released from the hallucination. Mirala makes her way to the body of the dragon, dagger in hand, to make sure it’s dead.


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