500 GP was given to the party, grudgingly, by Lorde Mayor Collyn for ending the scourge of the relentless shrubbery.

30 GP was looted from the Redcap gnome scout by Mirala Valyrya (not shared with the others).

Coins and other items found in the Hidden Way, at the location where the two children were rescued:

2100 Copper
2400 Silver
100 Gold
13 Platinum

Glamoured +1 Studded Leather Armor — with Fey heritage (exquisitely crafted from fine leather and is shrouded in cool moonlight in daylight. The studs in the leather are mithril. It is inscribed with the name Eowandir.) — Worn by Mirala Valyrya
Gloves of Swimming and Climbing — (no extra movement for swimming or climbing, +5 to Strength: Athletics to Climb and Swim) — Worn by Mirala Valyrya
Cold Iron Longsword — Carried by Ailya

The group found 12 sp on a goblin boss.

Coiasira Heru, Gimble and Mirala were each given a spell to copy down from Virtis Urtdak. Coiasira researched Animate Dead and found out more about how it might be possible to create intelligent undead by blocking the way to the underworld. Gimble used his spell to learn Detect Magic. Mirala gave up her spell research to Gimble, who used it to learn ….

Coiasira Heru and Mirala recieved 75 gp from Iarno Albrek for finding the three dead bodies that had escaped from his morgue.

Items in Bold are Masterwork items or otherwise special in some nonmagical way.
Items in Bold Italic are Magic.

Nassa’s Treasure

4 x Bloodstone (50 gp), 2 x Star rose quartz (50 gp), Spell Scroll (Continual Flame, Spiritual Weapon, Lesser Restoration), Potion of Greater Healing. Holy Symbol of Re-Horakhty (100 gp).


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