Male Satyr hired by the heroes to eradicate the goblins


Chanosir is a tall, middle aged satyr that has gone slightly soft. His fur is dingy black, which he keeps closely shorn. He wears worn through hide armor and a crossbow and two scimitars with surprising skill given his overall lack of distinction. Chanosir is practical and insensitive.


Chanosir has been hired the heroes to help them eradicate the goblins. He has preformed his duties well, but without praise. He cares not for fighting zombies and has refused to fight another. They are not a part of his agreement with the heroes.

After a long rest, as the heroes made their return to the cave, Coiasira Heru notice his eyes filled with flecks of flickering colors. He was overcome with madness, accusing the heroes of betraying the fey and leading the Armies of Man to the shores of the Mistflow Isles.

Chanosir was left tied up to die in the forest by the mighty folk hero Coiasira. The heroes later returned to taunt and physically assault hm once more.


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