Gimble Timbers

Male gnome wizard


Gimble grew up in the highlands of Dullyn, the northern province of the Mistflow Principalities. Having designed and built some of the greatest Castles and Palaces of Mistflow. As brilliant and ambitious as his ancestor Horfan was, those qualities did not filter down to all of the family generations later. While his brethren were busy learning the crafts of his clan, sail making, fireworks, stone shaping and the like Gimble’s mind wandered.

His family were entertainers putting on plays and organizing festivals. Along with his uncle and brother they did the fire works for many a festival.

While his father was a gregarious gnome at the festivals yet he was a cold task master with his children. Mother was quiet, at times she seemed almost mute, and worked tirelessly for her children and husband. His brother, rather large for a Gnome, was a brute who like to bully all his siblings. Gimble is the 2nd son, and Gimble feels overlooked and misunderstood son. He has two younger brothers who worship the oldest. And his youngest sibling, Liltra, went missing a few years ago.

He found himself uninterested in the mere skill with tools, and longed to find some to show him the workings of magik. Sure their was subtle shaping of the arcane at play to make the stone respond to commands, but Gimble wanted to delve deeper, to understand why the stone did as ordered, how to make the flames dance on their own, how to shape the world to will.

As he turned of age, a wshispering wind carried words of lore, words or power to his ears, words he understood not, but longed to wield himself. So stealing enough provisions form his mum, he set off in the dead of night to track down the source of these words. He stumbled ever further, through misty vale and ragged rock until he came upon a distant shore. And still the words came form ever further, across the grey sound of the waves crashing below. He knew this must be a test, a test he could master. He began to ply his trades, crafting a boat of stone hewn by firelight in the misty flows of the great northern sea.

Once his boat was sound, he paddled through the crashing waves and travelled a day further until a sudden island popped out of the mists and sundered his boat upon its cliffs. A loud clang rang through the dusk, and waves began to sweep him under when a mighty hand of unseen force plucked him from the depths of the grey sea.

“Fool! Why think you I make my haven here, so far from prying eyes? Think I want visitors? Think I want company? Ha! Idiot! Dunder-for-brains!”

A scrawny, beady face burst into Gimble’s vision, dancing orbs of light flinting to and fro. “No, indeed, you’ll do not at all, I say! No, no, no.” The hand began to sway Gimble back and forth, ready to fling him back into the sea, “Still and all a pity.” A sly smile plied the goblins lips. “I wonder what mischief he will cause?”

With those words, Ntozax had found an apprentice.

Ntozax was a difficult Gnome to figure out. Always eccentric, but would swing from cynical bastard to wonder filled child. Kind and nurturing one moment, indifferent and sullen the next. A week after Gimble cast his first cantrip, Ntozax stopped talking to him then he disappeared for over a month. When he came back Ntozax was very upset and drunk. He told Gimble to get out, to never come back. Gimble asked what was wrong, why did he have to leave. Ntozax said nothing and shoved Gimble out the door with nothing but the clothes on his back.

After living on the streets of a small village, he talked a merchant into letting him become his servant. They made their way to the capital city. Gimble upgraded his situation by serving as Alchemist. Gimble, with what little free time he had, continued his studies in magic.

Gimble has worked on many types of different explosives, but recently has been working on a liquid fire to be used against ships at sea, and to save Mistflow from invasion.

I have a workshop Aernnswyle I have been set up by the Rock Gnome king to track rare elements coming from the portals. One of his hobbies is getting to know the exotic peoples that come through Aernnswyle.

Gimble Timbers

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