Speaker Isemir

Prime Minister of the Skyloam Republic


Isemir is a cold and calculating Half-elf from the city of Coddyn. He was a minor Lord in the House of Commons representing the Vaeddyn province. Mostly known for leading the small voting block that protected the interests of the Half-elves of Vaeddyn and beyond, he and his fellow Lords were not taken seriously by the majority High Elf chamber.

When the Armies of Man began massing on the border, Isemir seized the opportunity to align himself with the Blazetide Empire. He convince the mayor of Coddyn to arrest the High Elf nobles in the city and began to build a coalition of Half-Elves snd Human throughout the province. He successfully consolidated his power base before the invasion and welcomed the advancing Armies of Man into his province.

His aid and loyalty to Isbis, the Holy Blazetide Emperor, earned him a position of power and influence while forming the puppet regime of the new Skyloam Republic and he was unanimously voted the first Speaker and Prime Minister of the new Republic.

Speaker Isemir

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